“Jim Hardaway is fantastic…informed, professional, captivating, fun, and entertaining…”

–Terri Watson/Newport Beach, California

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I love Nashville. I was born here, raised here, went to college here and stayed put. History is my passion–ranging from the tales (true and otherwise) of local music business to the histories of Nashville, the Civil War, Tennessee, the United States and trains.

But I’m not some stuffy old curmudgeon. I love telling colorful stories and sliding in the occasional joke. Take a tour of my website, then contact me to schedule a tour. I would love to give you a fun and informative introduction to Nashville.

–Captain Jim Hardaway


CALL: 615-406-8939

EMAIL:  captainjimhardaway@gmail.com


You may also enjoy Captain Jim’s online history magazine/blog featuring nearly sixty articles covering a wide range of historical subjects.






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  1. I would like to set a private tour with my family on May 30th 2019. I am especially interested in a civil war perspective as well as whatever else you would offer.


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